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      Efforts continue to battle Luce County blaze

      Wildfire consumes parts of Luce County in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

      As of Tuesday morning the Department of Natural Resources says the Duck Lake Fire is at 21,694 acres.

      The DNR has been working on revising the perimeter of the massive Luce County fire, which is 47 percent contained. There are currently 232 personnel working on fire suppression efforts.

      They report that the north end of fire is in pretty good shape, but the south end remains to be a troubled spot due to marshy conditions. Land and air crews will be working full force in that region.

      Strong winds were experienced on Monday afternoon, causing a blowup on a portion of the fire that forced firefighters to retreat to safety zones to allow air support to drop water on the area.

      The rain that hit the Upper Peninsula on Monday did not help much, according to DNR officials. The area received between one-quarter inch and three-quarter inches of rain on Monday afternoon.

      So far there have been 97 structures lost to the fire. Of 99 properties inspected, 39 of them have suffered losses. This includes 34 homes or cabins, 22 garages, 22 sheds or outbuildings, 17 campers, one store and one motel. The DNR is urging property owners in the area to contact officials by calling 211 (Upper Peninsula residents) or 1-800-338-1119 to register their structure location and provide contact information.

      The DNR said that a National Guard helicopter experienced a mechanical failure on Sunday, losing its bucket in Bone Lake. Divers and law enforcement plan to retrieve the bucket on Tuesday.

      TV6's Ana Simovska and FOX UP's Gabriella DeLuca are in Luce County and they will be providing updates on the fire both here, on our website, and on the TV6 newscast.