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      Elementary school is Recycler of the Year

      Stambaugh Elementary School in Iron River has been recycling for over five years, so for the students here, it's like second nature. Their responsibility to reuse has the Great American Disposal Company naming them the â??Recycler of the Yearâ?? under the School category.

      â??As a teacher, I recognized the potential of instilling a message with young students on using our resources wisely,â?? said teacher, Maggie Scheffer.

      Maggie is on the "Green Committee" at the school and is helping to promote school-wide paper recycling.

      â??We provide the teachers with signs that they can put on boxes in the classroom so that students are recycling different kinds of paper. Students are very enthused about it and very fired up to do recycling, and, of course, they love to be asked to help with the pickup,â?? Scheffer said.

      â??Iâ??ve helped out with collecting it, and it's really fun,â?? said fifth grader, Samantha Herman. â??We sort it out in different piles at the end after we've collected all of them.â??

      One year it was recorded that two tons of paper was collected from the school, and because of their intentional recycling, Governor Snyder has recognized them as a â??Green schoolâ?? for three consecutive years.

      Another reason Stambaugh Elementary received the title of a â??Green Schoolâ?? is their tree planting initiative. Each classroom was able to plant a tree as their way to give back to the environment.

      â??The high school students got involved, the forestry club members, and a shop class got involved making signs for the trees,â?? Scheffer said.

      â??It feels special to me because we're helping out the environment by planting trees,â?? Herman said.

      Those on the â??Green Committeeâ?? are also hoping to eventually create a space on the playground for a future outdoor classroom.