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      Elementary students learn the meaning of 'Veterans Day'

      As Veterans Day quickly approaches on Sunday, schools across the Upper Peninsula are celebrating, and Negaunee Lakeview School is no different.

      The whole school gathered today for Lakeview's annual Veterans Day assembly.

      It's to get together as a community, a school community, and celebrate the country we live in and those who represent our country and fight for us every day. Many of them, as they walk away from our Veterans Day Assembly, feel very empowered and excited, and very proud.

      At Friday's assembly, fifth grade students and the Negaunee High School Jazz band sang and performed patriotic songs for five ROTC cadets from Northern Michigan University. The kids also gave the cadets "honor slips." On each slip, students wrote a thank you note to any veteran that he or she knows personally.

      "It means a lot to me because my great grandpa served in World War II and my grandpa served in Vietnam. And, I think this is a great opportunity for kids so they can learn what Veterans Day is all about," said fifth grade student, Delaney Hird.

      And the assembly wasn't the only thing staff did to celebrate Veterans Day.

      Throughout the week, teachers at Lakeview School have been educating students on everything from the meaning of the colors red, white, and blue to writing essays about the importance of the day.