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      Elementary students liked Romney

      For the first time, the Upper Elementary School in Escanaba held its own Presidential Election Tuesday. The idea was the brainchild of a fifth grade social studies teacher and a teacher's aide. The fourth, fifth, and sixth graders had to use their lunch card as a driver's license, and to make things more realistic, they had to vote during their lunch hour. It was a race for the Presidential Election. So how'd they do? There were 247 students that voted for Mitt Romney who defeated President Barack Obama, who garnered 241 votes.

      "It was pretty cool, even though we're young, that we can be in an election, because I think that kids should be able to choose. Even though it doesn't really count, it's pretty neat that they're going to say it, and that we get to choose who the person is," said fifth grader, Alyssa Brunette.

      Four-hundred-eighty-eight students were able to cast their ballot. The lines in the school foyer were just as long as they were at the polling places around the U.P.