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      Elementary students sing with strings

      Students at Cherry Creek Elementary School enjoyed a live performance by a local strings group. Eclettico stopped by various schools, previewing their upcoming concerts. The concerts raise money to help kids attend Superior String Alliance Summer Camp in July. It takes about $300 for one to attend, so they're hoping kids will encourage their parents to take them to the concerts. They played a variety of different songs. But when they started to play "Call me Maybe," kids broke out in song.

      "To inspire any kids that aren't playing instruments, yet maybe they want to and they don't know what it is or how it sounds, and this is just a really good exposure to that kind of thing for anybody who doesn't know what it is about," said Eclettico member, Danielle Simandel.

      Eclettico will be performing 6 p.m. Wednesday, December 26 at the Marquette Regional History Center and then on Thursday, December 27 at the First Presbyterian Church in Escanaba. They're hoping to raise as much as possible.