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      Elimination Communication

      T here are plenty of difficult decisions parents must make for their children, such as daycare or finding a babysitter, breastfeeding or formula, and dispos a ble or cloth diapers.

      B ut there's a third option for the diaper conundrum most parents don't think about, yet it has been around for awhile.

      It's called Elimination Communication, and it's only new to most Americans.

      Elimination Communication, or "EC" is the practice of training your baby to use the toilet in early infancy, and using diapers sparingly or not at all.

      And mother of two Cassandra Vore says it's actually easier and more natural than you may think.

      "Before now, it didn't have a name, because it was just the way things were. You didn't have all kinds of disposable diapers or necessarily even cloth diapers, so you had to find a way to have your babies not soil your sleeping quarters or that kind of thing," said Vore.

      "I guess I'd be curious to learn more about it. I have seen really remarkable things with a friend of ours who did use it with a little, little baby, and that's great, but I don't think I would probably take the trouble to do it myself," said father of two Matt Fiocchi.

      It may sound strange to let your child be bare-bottomed more often than not, but this is nothing new or appalling to most around the world.

      In places such as Asia and Africa, it is quite common for children to be fully potty-trained by one year old.

      During the "EC" training, babies wear special split-bottomed pants, and possibly a cloth diaper over them, and parents rely on timing and nonverbal cues from their children, so they may get the child to the appropriate place to "eliminate."

      "It's actually very easy, you get a little grunt, a little face squish. You might notice a pause in activity, they're making noise and moving around and all of a sudden there's just this little, kind of, hmm, okay. You notice that," said Vore.

      For children who have been "EC'd", there really is no concept of "the big kid potty," They simply just go to the bathroom because it's something you do.

      Parents decide to practice "EC" for a variety of reasons; It's more environmentally friendly, the babies are more comfortable, there's no diaper rash, and some moms claim being more attuned to your child's needs creates a special bond.

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