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      Embezzler receives jail time

      An Ontonagon woman will spend two months in jail for embezzling over $15,000 from the Ontonagon Hockey Association.The judge also said 43-year-old Anne Pollard will be on probation for two years.Pollard pled no contest to one count of attempted embezzlement.Before sentencing, Scott Somero, president of the hockey association, addressed the court. Somero said Pollard's actions tarnished the associationâ??s reputation, and he informed the court that some of their sponsors said they would no longer donate to the organization.Pollard also addressed the court."I carry with me the shame and the guilt of my own terrible actions everyday, and I feel it in this community terribly," said Pollard.The judge said an exact amount of how much money was taken is unknown, but $15,500 was agreed upon and will be paid in one lump sum. The money will come from Pollard's retirement.

      Pollard also faces 15 counts of embezzlement in a separate case which was remanded back to Ontonagon County District Court.