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      Emergency crews act quickly to stop flooding in Au Train

      Residents along the Au Train River can rest easy after the mouth of the river was cleared of sand on Wednesday.

      The mouth of the river has been cleared away and there is no longer any danger of flooding. Early on Wednesday morning, strong waves had pushed large amounts of sand ashore, creating a natural dam at the mouth of the Au Train River.

      Alger County Emergency Management reported that the river was rising at about an inch an hour. By around noon, the Au Train Township board brought out an excavator to clear away the sand and get the river flowing again.

      "We're doing the best that we can at this time, and hopefully we'll be able to succeed in what we're doing here to keep things up and running safely," said Deputy Steve Webber of Alger County Emergency Management.

      The river was undammed by about 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon. There were no reports of flooded residences.

      Alger County Emergency Management will keep a close eye on the river to make sure it doesn't get backed up again when the river begins to freeze.