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      Emergency responders engage in mock school shooting

      Wednesday, emergency responders underwent training for a school shooting with a simulated school shooting.

      After a briefing on day two of exercises, all teams got assembled at the staging area. Coordinators believe trainings like these better prepare school staff and responders if a worst case scenario arises.

      â??With the massive amount of school incidents that are happening all over the country, it seems to be a very timely topic,â?? explains exercise training coordinator, Ed Sheppard. Cops receive a mock 911 call and are informed an active shooter has entered Florence High School. For law enforcement, it's a chance to get familiar with emergency protocol.

      â??We come in, get the Intel on the scene as to where the active shooter could be,â?? says Sgt. Brian Metras of Kingsford Public Safety. â??If the active shooter is already in custody, we come and clear the building, searching each room individually.â??

      The purpose of the exercise is to train for a real life shooting. In 30 or 60 days, teams will receive an After Action Report (AAR) telling them what they need improvements on.

      â??Itâ??s imperative for every community to do this,â?? Metras expresses. â??Every school system should do this type of training.â??