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      Empowering the women in our lives

      Thursday is a day to truly appreciate the women in your life. Women's Self Empowerment Week is underway with organizations across the country coming together to promote the cause.

      The Marquette Women's Center and Harbor House are no exception.

      Advocates work with women and their families with a variety of issues like domestic violence, sexual abuse, and body image concerns stemming from the onset of social media. Toddlers, teenagers, and even parents tend to internalize these issues.

      The staff at the Women's Center helps clients process the trauma, eventually allowing them to come to peace.

      "Eventually you do start believing in yourself, your self confidence and your voice comes back," said Housing Advocate Diane Betts. "Getting housing, getting finances, finding a job, that's a big step to finding them self-empowerment and validation because they are overcoming an obstacle."

      "They are doing something for themselves and nobody can take that away from them because that's something they achieved with our help," added Youth Advocate Amy Kordus.

      The center helps with everything from housing to transportation. Everyone is welcome and friends are encouraged to bring in those who don't see the dangers for themselves Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.