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      Encouraging women to enjoy the outdoors

      Not a lot of women and girls are outdoorsy types, but a program sponsored by the DNR aims to change that. Becoming an Outdoors-Woman or BOW is a program that hosts workshops teaching women and girls about different outdoor activities.

      Saturday at Marquette Tourist Park, hiking and kayaking workshops took place. The workshops covered how to use a kayak, things to bring with you on a hike, plus hands on experience in both subjects.

      "It's good for the women just to overcome obstacles that they might have had. You know, first time getting in a kayak or taking even something simple like a hike. Be able to go and enjoy the outdoors," said Sharon Pitz of the DNR.

      Saturday's event focused more on mothers and daughters enjoying outdoor activities together. The next program will be held at the Carp River at the end of September to teach salmon fishing.