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      Energy savings

      The "Michigan Saves" organization met with business owners and community members in L'Anse Tuesday afternoon to discuss finance opportunities for energy efficiency.

      Michigan Saves is a non-profit organization that offers financing to homes and businesses for making energy improvements. The organization helps with retrofitting, which means replacing old energy sources with newer, more efficient ones. Michigan Saves hires local contractors to do the work and financing of the retrofitting projects. Marquette City Commissioner, Jason Schneider, says the "Better Buildings for Michigan" program through Michigan Saves had a positive impact on the city.

      "It really helped a lot with the energy saving in the community. Everybody was pretty excited they could insulate their basements and insulate their attics, get new windows, get an energy audit done. It's allowed a number of people to save quite a bit of money in the community," said Schneider.

      Michigan Saves started in 2009 to provide financing for residential projects and added commercial projects last November.