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      Energy Summit brings in hundreds

      Everyone from state representatives to energy experts made their way to Marquette Tuesday, all to hear an update on the energy projects that are in the works in the U.P.

      One of the biggest is American Transmisison Company's Bay Lake Project, which they say is an effort to build better transmission lines in the U.P.

      "The new transmission line projects we have been developing are intended to reliably serve the area, which means keep the lights on and keep businesses running in the community strong. Without those projects, we will continue to have challenges throughout the region and may see blackouts," said ATC Regional Manager, Brett French.

      Part of the new lines will go through Menominee to Escanaba, and another part will make its way from Quinnesec to Ishpeming.

      ATC has held open houses to inform the public about the project, and one of the main concerns is disrupting the environment. But at Tuesday's summit, they're saying they're trying to avoid that, and that the lines are necessary.

      "We want to do it in a way that's the least disruptive, that works with our environment and communities, so that we're not just causing problems in the communities and our natural resources alone," said Michigan Public Service Commissioner, Greg White.

      The lines in the Delta County area are expected to be done this year, while the others will be done near 2016.