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      Engineering company wins national small business award

      GS Engineering in Houghton recently received an award from the White House for their work in advanced lightweight vehicle components.

      The Tibbetts Award recognizes small businesses for their research and development efforts for the government as well as job creation.

      GS Engineering was one of only 18 companies to receive the award and was the only one from the Midwest. The company is part of the Small Business Innovation Research program (SBIR).

      GS Engineering officials said they strive to hire Michigan Tech graduates and alumni as well as make quality products that can be used across the nation.

      â??It's acknowledgment of our continued success in the SBIR program, but also just to think about how many SBIRs are awarded per year, and then to be one of only 18 really allows us the credibility for moving forward with our work, both in the commercial sector as well as the government sector,â?? said GS Engineering Vice President, Chris Coxon.

      GS Engineering has also won numerous other awards that have led to local and regional job creation.