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      Enstrom continues to make strides in the U.P.

      It's a one of a kind view in a unique helicopter.

      Enstrom Helicopter corporation was established in 1959, by Rudy Enstrom a miner from Crystal Falls.

      "Just had a desire to build helicopters. So, he did so he designed it and over 15 years developed a product that got local community interest," said Tracy Biegler, CEO, Enstrom.

      Since the 60s the company has seen significant growth and change.

      It's had several ownerships, a recently expanded facility and has grown from dozens of workers to more than 200 local employees.

      "Huge factor that we are staying here is because of the people that we find in the local area, the cost of course of production here, but most importantly is the work ethic," said Tracy Biegler.

      They've gone from making the original Piston to a total of three different helicopters including the turbine helicopter. When it comes to creating their product everything is designed and built in house.

      They set themselves apart from others in the industry because of the helicopters safety, stability, and lightness.

      "It's our rotor blade. We have redundant safety within the rotor head as well as our rotor blades. We are one of the only producers in the world that has an on-condition main rotor blade that makes it super safe," said Tanya Tuinstra, Manager of Sustaining Engineering.

      A majority of their helicopter sales are used for military training. Currently 90-percent of their business is international.