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      Environmental organizations hold meeting with Torch Lake landowners

      Torch Lake landowners meet with EPA and Michigan DEQ representatives

      Landowners within the Torch Lake Super Fund site are meeting with the Environmental Protection Agency and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

      Specific areas near waterways throughout the Copper Country were filled with stamp sands which began eroding into the bodies of water. The EPA and the DEQ filled those areas with vegetation to keep the erosion from killing the aquatic life.

      Now the sites are in the delisting process, and once deed restrictions are in place, landowners can start developing the areas.

      "We have these meetings on an as-needed basis," said Torch Lake site project manager Nabil Fayoumi. "Today, we felt like it was a good time to come up and talk to the stakeholders, but if there's interest in the community, we'd be happy to come back and have another meeting if we need to."

      Some of the restrictions for landowners include covering up the area if any digging is involved and no shallow drinking water wells. Every five years, the EPA will return and check up on the site.