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      Eric Dompierre family receives civil rights award

      Michigan students with disabilities have greater access to high school sports, all thanks to the Dompierre family, and on Friday, they were recognized for their efforts.

      When Eric Dompierre, a football and basketball player with Down Syndrome, aged out of high school sports, his family, along with Ishpeming Public Schools and the community, fought to help him continue playing.

      The campaign resulted in changes to Michigan's High School Athletic Association rules, and those efforts earned the Dompierre family and Ishpeming Public Schools the Michigan Civil Rights Leadership Award.

      "We accept this award on behalf of the tens of thousands of people out there who helped us really get this thing done," said Dean Dompierre, Eric's father.

      Dean also says now that Eric has graduated, he's in a MARESA school program, learning work and independent living skills and also interning at Marquette General Hospital.