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      Escanaba actors prepare for Moonlight & Magnolias

      Players de Noc in Escanaba is presenting its second show of the season. It TMs a comedy called Moonlight & Magnolias.

      It tells the story of legendary Hollywood producer David O. Selznick and his adventures of crafting the screenplay for Gone with the Wind.

      The show has just kind of grabbed me and took over, said director, Peter Dzanbozoff. And I TMm just so excited about it. It TMs going to be a riot. Think The Three Stooges doing Gone with the Wind."

      David O. Selznick hires the director of the Wizard of Oz, played by actor Mark Cowman.

      It just brings you together, said Cowman. It's like a family. I TMve always said Players de Noc is like my second family. But keep in mind, like any family, you don't like all your relatives. But that's okay."

      The production follows what happens in the five day quest to rework the script for the big screen.

      They do it by living on a diet of bananas and peanuts.

      But the cast members say it's the audience that really feeds their performance.

      Without an audience, we aren't up here performing. They TMll tell you those are the only couple of things you need for a theatrical performance. You need actors and you need an audience," said Cowman.

      The cast will soon be in costume as they continue rehearsals for their six show run.

      Tickets are on sale now.

      You can catch Moonlight & Magnolias at the Bonifas Art Center Theater from December 2-4, and 8-9.