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      Escanaba author visits Kingsford fifth graders

      As part of their "Honors in Action" project, Bay College's Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society partnered with Woodland Elementary School in Kingsford on Friday to promote reading. On Friday afternoon, they brought in a local Escanaba author as part of the project. Author Jane Mudrovich-Kidder read to the fifth grade students from her first published book, ??Exorcising the Googie??. The kids listened to two of her short stories, and had time to ask her questions about being an author, and traveling to talk about her book.

      ??It was so exciting,?? Mudrovich-Kidder said. ??The energy level was so high. They were asking questions; when they asked me what was my favorite class to go to, well it had to be them, it had to be,?? Mudrovich-Kidder said.

      The honors project encourages reading and literacy among the fifth grade class. They'll be wrapping up the program next week with an auction for prizes based on how many books the kids read.