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      Escanaba man breaks into Delta County Landfill for third time

      Escanaba Public Safety said break-ins are on the top of their priority crimes list.

      This past weekend, they arrested 39-year-old Jamie Lee Liberty for breaking into the Delta County Landfill. But it's not his first, or second time, doing so.

      Liberty was arraigned Monday in Delta County District Court on two charges. The charges are breaking and entering a building with intent and safe-breaking. But he just finished serving a four year, nine month sentence last December; that was for his second arrest for breaking into the landfill.

      After the second break-in, landfill officials moved the safe to the furnace room and had it welded in. Police say it contained around $1,200. Liberty allegedly used whatever tools he could find to open up the safe and get to that money.

      Police were able to catch him, thanks to the surveillance cameras around the facility. They were installed after his second break-in.

      Landfill manager, Don Pyle, said there's not much more they can do.

      If we lose a couple hundred dollars, said Pyle. But have to spend $20,000 to make it more impenetrable, at some point, it's ridiculous. I think the place is secure enough to keep the vast majority of people out."

      And while it's back to business at the landfill, Public Safety urges other businesses to remain vigilant.

      Have a constant sense of security at a business, said Detective Sgt. Tony LaPlant. This can be through video surveillance systems, automatic lights, and things of that nature."

      But Detective LaPlant said he is hopeful for this repeat offender.

      I think people are capable of change, and I would hope he would learn his lesson," LaPlant said.

      Liberty remains lodged in the Delta County Jail. His prelim in District Court is scheduled for October 20.