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      Escanaba scores high in reading

      The MEAP test scores are in for Escanaba and the school is happy with the results. However, this doesn??t mean they are going to stop improving their curriculum.

      The MEAP is a state mandated standardized test given to third through ninth grade students. This year??s scores for the Escanaba Schools were consistent with their previous year. Although Escanaba scored higher than the state average in reading, they are looking to improve their math curriculum.

      ??We really want to target in at math and find out what areas are we missing and what areas are our kids are performing poorly on,?? said Escanaba Upper Elementary principal, Steve Martin. ??We then compare those with some of our local assessments and see if we can find some gaps there.??

      Next year the MEAP exams will be moving from fall to spring, and the students will be taking the test online. The schools hope this change with provide them with their scores sooner.