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      Eskyâ??s plan for making up a snow day

      After a long, cold winter and a recent power outage, Escanaba Schools need to make up one day of classes. After some deliberation, the schoolâ??s principal believes they have come to a practical solution.

      The state of Michigan allocated six snow days to all schools, and if that number is surpassed, the school must make up the missed time. Having missed seven days, Escanaba schools need to make up one.

      â??Our plan in Escanaba is that, we donâ??t really have any days off in the calendar that we could use for that purpose, so weâ??re going to add a day at the end of the year,â?? said high school principal Doug Leisenring. â??I think itâ??s going to work out pretty well for everybody.â??

      With the last day originally set for Thursday, June 5, the studentâ??s will now be getting out on Friday, June 6.

      Holy Name will be following this plan as they rely on Escanabaâ??s buss system.