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      Euthanizing pit bull Roxy: right or wrong?

      File Photo **NOT ROXY**

      Her name is Roxy. Sheâ??s partially of the pit bull breed and has a date set to be euthanized. An incident where, then-pregnant, Roxy bit a passerby when her leash reached the sidewalk had law enforcement deeming her aggressive. The City of Iron Mountain has an ordinance that aggressive canines must be rid of after one reported incident of a bite.

      The Dickinson County court system ordered to have Roxy put down, but one woman in the community created an online petition to reverse the court's order. The petition, organized through, has received thousands of signatures. "We have currently almost five thousand signatures,â?? said petition creator, Emily Ritsema. â??Weâ??re up to 4,600 something. We have people sign from across the U.P., from Wisconsin, practically every state, and many, many countries.â??

      Her hope was to repeal the courtâ??s decision, however, the cityâ??s ordinance still stands, and Roxy has a euthanizing date on October 14 of this year. Ritsema said she would like to see further legal action for Roxyâ??s case, and at the same time, reform city ordinances from a zero tolerance policy to a more moderate course of action. Another similar ordinance comes out of the City of Kingsford, which puts a ban on all pit bull canines, even those that are not of a pure breed. During the incident, Roxy was pregnant and while in the shelter, she gave birth to seven puppies, all of which have been adopted. The petition site for Roxy can be found here .