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      Events planned for veterans and troops at VA Medical Center

      The Oscar G. Johnson Medical Center in Iron Mountain has a full weekend of events planned at their facility for veterans, their families, and the general public.

      Both on Saturday and Sunday there will be a â??Welcome Homeâ?? benefit information fair from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. Veteransâ?? Affairs officers and personnel will be able to answer questions about Veteran benefits and health care issues.

      In addition, troops from the 1432 Engineering Company will be able to receive medical appointments at the center. â??What we're doing there is we're opening up the medical center to provide specialty care as well as primary care appointments for getting them enrolled in the VA health care,â?? said Public Affairs Officer, Brad Nelson.

      Those soldiers can receive appointments anywhere from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. on both Saturday and Sunday. In order to make this happen, medical and administrative staff are volunteering their time.