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      Ever consider hosting a foreign exchange student?

      An Upper Peninsula woman is looking for families to host a foreign exchange student.

      Face the World is an organization that brings high school students from all across the world to the United States. The program gives teens the chance to see what it's like to live in the US and experience American culture, but first families in the U.P. have to volunteer their time.

      "Imagine what it's like if you were to go somewhere else and experience that culture and be able to bring it back and tell your friends, 'wow, what a wonderful time I had. This is amazing. Their way of life, it's totally different from what I thought,'" said community representative Matilda Rapp.

      The foreign exchange students can spend three months or an entire school year with a host family. For more information on how you can get involved, call (906) 236-3293 or check out the Face the World website.