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      Ever thought of joining a roller derby team?

      There are some people who enjoy roller skating as a hobby or form of exercise. However, a newly-formed team of 20 skating women isn't in what you'd call a recreational league.

      They're a nationally-sanctioned professional roller derby team, and they??re called The Escanaba Rollin Hellcats.

      ??Girls like their personas,?? said Head Coach, Kim Segorski. "They like the idea of becoming somebody else and getting out on that track and doing something they wouldn't do everyday or something that most people wouldn't do everyday."

      Segorski said roller derby is an affordable, alternative sport. It's $25 a month to be on the team, and anyone is welcome, no matter your skill level.

      The women do have rigorous endurance practices though, twice a week, at the Retro Station and the Civic Center. Some of them have battle scars, including one of the referees.

      ??Yeah, I have a knee brace on,?? said referee Allen Palmgren. ??I tweaked my knee a little bit. There??s been a couple little injuries, but nothing major though. Bumps and bruising definitely, and that's an inherent part of the sport."

      Safety is a top priority for the team. Elbow and knee pads, wrist guards, and helmets are all mandatory.

      While it may look tough, another aspect of the Hellcats is connecting with others who live for the sport of roller derby.

      And if this looks like something you'd like to try, Segorski said the team is always looking for new members.!/EscanabaRollinHellcats?sk=info