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      "Everybody Rides" program provides bikes to those who can't afford one

      An Iron Mountain business is giving back to the community by giving away free bicycles as part of a program called "Everybody Rides."

      This is the first year Mortl's in Iron Mountain has been doing the program. People donate used bikes to the shop and Mortl's repairs them and gives them away. It allows people who are unable to afford a bike the chance to leave with an almost new cycle.

      "It's still something that's new in our area, so a lot of people have not heard about it," says Mortl's owner Rich Mortl. "Just yesterday alone, we gave away three bicycles, two youth bicycles and one adult bike. We just need to word to spread that we have these bicycles available and we'll get people out there riding."

      If you're interested, you simply need to fill out an application at Mortl's, located on Highway 2 in Iron Mountain.