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      Evidence in question in Sadowski Cope trial

      The prosecution wrapped up their case in the trial of two Ishpeming men.

      Jason Sadowski and Charles Cope are accused of holding two women captive and torturing them last July. Police say Sadowski and Cope tied the women up in the basement of Sadowski's martial arts studio.

      The prosecution brought their last witness, Ishpeming Police Chief Dan Willey, to the stand. They spent most of the day discussing evidence collected at the scene.

      In court, the prosecution entered a number of exhibits as evidence in the trial including duct tape and fake fingernails collected at the scene by Chief Dan Willey.

      During testimony, Willey said they found pieces of duct tape by the poles in the basement and in a jean jacket.

      The defense questioned why DNA testing wasn't done.

      "I have two suspects. They both live in a house that has access to the tape. Both of their fingerprints are on there, maybe they're not, and it doesn't tell us who tied them up. But I do have two women who told me who duct taped them," said Willey.

      On the stand, he was also asked about pictures he took of the victim's injuries, mainly of her eyes. He said he was looking for broken blood vessels.

      "A lot of times people that have been strangled, you can break blood vessels. If you held your breath for a long time, make a lot of pressure in your head when you do that. I'm just trying to document what it looked like. It looks like, at least in my opinion, with her being strangled," Willey said.

      The prosecution also played an interview during a preliminary hearing of the other victim who has since passed away prior to the trial.

      During the interview, she addresses who strangled her.

      "Did Mr. Cope do any of strangling or punching?"asked Matt Wiese, prosecuting attorney. "No," said alleged victim. "It was all defendant Sadowski. Yes."