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      Ex-boyfriend charged in Wausaukee Citgo shooting

      Marinette County officials held a press conference Tuesday about 51-year-old Ann Schueller allegedly being killed by her ex-boyfriend, 55-year-old Richard Heyer.

      Heyer is charged with first degree intentional homicide with a dangerous weapon and possession of a firearm by a felon.

      Police officials say Heyer used a 30-30 Caliber gun in the shooting, killing his ex with a single shot to the back.

      ??The victim suffered one fatal gunshot wound,?? explains Marinette County Sheriff, Jerry Suave. ??The bullet entered her back, exited her chest.??

      Friends of the victim say domestic abuse was prevalent in their relationship and that the legal system could have done more.

      Court documents show Schueller applied for a restraining order in early June but was denied. The document states the petitioner failed to meet the burden of proof.

      Heyer remains in critical condition, and court proceedings will not be decided until he is released from the hospital.