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      Examining sexual assault on college campuses

      As more attention nationwide is drawn to sexual assault, particularly on college campuses, lawmakers are introducing tougher legislation in an attempt to crack down on the problem.

      Amy Kordus works in the Marquette Women's Center, an organization that gives relief and resources to victims of sexual assault.

      She believes that although sexual assault is far from rampant in the Upper Peninsula, its communities still need to examine the issue more closely.

      "We really can't turn a blind eye to the fact that this issue may exist in our community and that there are people out there, who are walking around in our community that have experienced it and survived it." said Kordus.

      College campuses, NMU included, are under scrutiny as more likely places for sexual assault to occur.

      Reported assaults are placed every year in NMUâ??s annual Security Report. But accusations don't always mean convictions.

      â??The most recent statistic from 2012 was nine reported sexual assaults. It doesn't mean we had nine students pursue charges through the street code or criminally. It means we had every...all nine sexual assaults that were reported to us." said NMUâ??s Associate Dean of Studies Mary Brundage.

      Missouri senator Claire Mccaskill is trying to reduce sexual assaults on campuses with a newly-introduced bill that, for one, would increase fines on campuses that don't accurately report assaults when they happen.

      If passed, it would add on to the laws NMU already has on the books.

      "The Clery Act is one of them and that deals with our reporting of certain crimes that happen on campus or near campus and if this bill comes...passes and it requires us to make some modifications, we'll make them accordingly." Said NMUâ??s Director of Public Safety Michael Bath.

      You can find out more about Senator Mccaskillâ??s new bill here.

      You can find NMUâ??s annual Security Report here.