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      Execution drug disclosure?

      Texas has obtained a new batch of the drugs it uses to execute death row inmates, allowing the state to continue carrying out death sentences once its existing supply expires at the end of the month.

      But Texas Department of Criminal Justice spokesman Jason Clark wouldn't say where the agency bought the drugs, nor whether providing anonymity to the new supplier was a condition of the purchase.

      The decision to keep secret details about the drugs puts the agency at odds with past rulings by Attorney General Greg Abbott's office, which previously has said the agency should disclose specifics about the drugs.

      The secrecy questions come as major drugmakers, many based in Europe, have stopped selling drugs used in executions to U.S. corrections agencies because they oppose the death penalty.

      Tonight in the Daily Pulse we're wondering: Should states that carry out executions be required to disclose where they get the lethal drugs? Yes or No. Why or why not?