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      Exercising your joint pain away

      Monday's Facebook Story of the Day is about joint pain. Many of us experience it, but how can we alleviate it?

      Twenty years ago, Sandy Brindley joined a growing number of Americans who suffer from joint pain, years of stiffness and aches, with no real relief to her pain. Until just recently, she did what Facebook user Cindy Alspach said is the answer: "Losing weight and exercising helps."

      "Weight is a big deal; you want to stay as trim as you can," said Morrison's Drug Store Pharmacist Michael Dix.

      Brindley now spends two to three times per week keeping her body in motion.

      "Oh it's amazing," said Brindley. "I'm finding I can do so many things that I could not do before--a lot more yardwork."

      A common excuse YMCA Wellness Trainer Jen Byma often hears is that exercise causes joint pain. She said it's exactly the opposite.

      "People get stuck in that rut sometimes where they hurt, and they get joint pain, and they don't want to move, but that actually makes it worse," said Byma.

      But what if the gym isn't an option? There are many things you can around the house to get your heart rate going. For example, using your kitchen counter as a prop for pushups.

      "The more you move, the more fluid you get kind of pumped into the discs," Byma said.

      Coupling fitness with over-the-counter medication is not a bad idea if you have severe pain.

      "Glucosamine and chondroitin is a natural supplement used for joint problems and for prevention and also to help treat joint problems," Dix said.

      It's also OK to treat your pain with anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen or Aleve. You should always consult your doctor before taking any medication.