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      Expansion planned to honor the Venerable Bishop Baraga

      The exterior of St. Peter Cathedral in Marquette, Michigan

      St. Peter Cathedral in Marquette will soon be getting a new addition in honor of the Venerable Bishop Baraga.

      With the Pope's recent declaration of Baraga's status of Venerable, his tomb will have to be relocated to a more public viewing area. Plans are in the early stages to build an addition to the cathedral that will allow for a shrine to Bishop Baraga.

      "We're planning here to open up the wall on the side of the cathedral here and build a small, but beautiful chapel so that folks can come and have a beautiful place to honor him, to pray, and to really give him a worthy place of rest," said Marquette Catholic Diocese Bishop Alexander Sample.

      The Diocese of Marquette will fully unveil the plans in September when they kick off a fundraiser for the project. This will be in conjunction with the Bishop Baraga Days that will hold special significance this year.