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      Expecting mothers welcomed by the community

      New and expecting mothers were treated to a community-wide baby shower on Friday in Negaunee Township.

      The event is in its 17th year and provides information and free gifts to parents welcoming a newborn into their family. Gifts were donated by residents as well as businesses in the area, and with the large turnout this year, organizers say this is an event that is much needed in Marquette County.

      "This year we've noticed more of a response in our families in wanting to attend the shower," said organizer Lori Marta. "We've had more RSVPs and people calling with interest in it so we feel that there is probably a greater need this year, maybe for many different reasons, but we welcome all to come in."

      Marta also says that the families are very appreciative of the gifts and information they receive. The Marquette Food Co-op was on hand offering tips on how to make your own baby food as well as healthy food options for expecting mothers.