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      Experience sights, smells, sounds of Iron County Fair

      Farm animals, food, and fun. Combine that with carnival rides, cotton candy, and a distinctive-smelling cow barn, and you've got a county fair.

      "This is my third year showing steers,â?? said Jackie Samuelson. â??Iâ??ve been showing lambs since I was six."

      Her steer is â??Mooseâ??. Heâ??ll be getting judged on Friday, and then heâ??ll head to the auction at 6 p.m.

      "We wash him every single day to keep his hair good. We walk him everyday, we have to clean the pens and feed him, and it's a lot of work,â?? Samuelson said. A lot of work is right. But it's all a part of what makes the Iron County Fair so special. Though the judging and contest process is exciting, Jackie said it can be difficult when you have to allow the animals to be auctioned off for market. "You get really attached to the animals when you have them for about a year, and it's hard.â??

      Thursday was Senior Day at the fair, and 91-year-old Bill made sure he didn't miss out on the action.

      â??[Itâ??s] something different; it's nice,â?? said Bill.

      And no fair is complete without an array of amusement rides and the aroma of fresh fair food wafting through the air. The fair continues throughout the weekend; the cost is five dollars to park, but a walk-in ticket is only one dollar.


      - 4-H Market Livestock Auction will be at 6 p.m. on Friday

      - Sick Air Shows at 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. on Friday

      - A demolition derby is scheduled for 6 p.m. on Saturday

      - A truck pull will be on Sunday at 11 a.m.