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      Explosive emergency, are we ready?

      Marquette County fire, police, and EMS teams made their way to NMU Tuesday for a mock emergency exercise. The goal of the simulation is to prepare for a possible emergency.

      "I think anytime you can train and practice on things, that's invaluable, and it really helps you hone your skills. Fortunately we don't have major events like this, but the ability to practice those in a simulated environment would help us in the future," said Mike Bath, Director of NMU Public Safety and Police Services.

      Authorities heard on police scanners that there was an explosion on campus at 9 a.m. That's when firefighters, police, and EMS workers put their communication strategies to the test in order to get the realistic victims out safely.

      After the victims have been rescued by the firefighters, they're taken to the first aid station where they're treated for everything from burns to broken bones. The Red Cross workers take record of any treatment and injuries the victim has before EMS trucks take them to the hospital.

      "I think they're doing absolutely fantastic. They're right on it. We have a victim come and we lay them down on a cot, then EMS is right there," said Joan Zbacnik, Director of U.P. Disaster Services.

      The rescue teams attempt to do at least one full-scale exercise each year.

      After the the explosion and victims are taken care of, all departments have a debriefing session where they discuss what went well and what can improve.