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      Extremely thick ice makes it difficult to fish

      "Weâ??ve never seen ice like this, ever," said ice fisherman, Bob McCowen.

      Bob and Linda McCowen ice fished on Cowboy Lake in Kingsford on Friday, but it wasn't easy getting started. The ice was so thick on this lake, the auger barely broke through.

      "It broke through the ice, but it didn't get all the way around because we didn't have any auger left," McCowen said.

      Bob said he's been ice fishing since he was 16 years old, and never in his life has he had to deal with ice this thick. They even prepared this year by purchasing an auger extension.

      "We just bought it this year because we knew how thick the ice was going to be because it's been so cold," said Linda McCowen.

      "Looking at the long-term weather pattern, as we head through the rest of March into April, we'll probably have ice later into the spring season than we've seen over the last 10 years," said NWS Meteorologist, Matt Zika.

      This means by Memorial Day, chances are the waters are going to be ice cold. And for those who are looking forward to the fishing seasons this spring, it's difficult to say how much of that ice will be melted.

      "I know on Lake Michigamme and even Lake Gogebic, there was ice on some of the lakes until well into May, so it's quite conceivable this year there'll be ice, at least traces of ice, on the inland lakes that extend into the month of May," Zika said.