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      Exxon Mobil featured speaker at Michigan Tech

      A speaker from Exxon Mobil was at Michigan Tech Thursday talking to students about the future of energy in America.

      William Colton is a Michigan Tech graduate from the chemical engineering department and is currently the vice president of corporate strategic planning at Exxon Mobil.

      Colton says predictions 40 year into the future show the continually developing world will use about 35 percent more energy than today. He says college students are a vital piece of the puzzle, as they will be making those future decisions.

      ??Over the years, we've learned how to use energy so much more efficiently. We've used technology to find new ways to produce energy in more efficient ways,?? said Colton. ??I think there's many opportunities for engineers to contribute.??

      Colton will also be at the university Friday to talk with students about be successful in a career through taking risks, trying new things, and self-critiques.