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      FAA: Sawyer International to lose control tower

      Sawyer International Airport air traffic control tower

      The Federal Aviation Administration confirmed the list of airports that would lose their air traffic control towers on Friday, and Sawyer International Airport was included on that list.

      These closures are a result of $600 million in automatic federal budget cuts to the FAA. The Sawyer tower is one of 149 air traffic control facilities that are being closed due to the cuts.

      What does this mean for Sawyer International Airport? According to airport officials, five people will be without a job as a result of this closure.

      Sawyer International Airport officials say that this shouldn't have an impact on safety. The list of towers that could be closed was originally announced in late February. Airport Manager Duane Duray stated that the Marquette County Airport operated without an air traffic control tower for decades before its closure.

      Military training operations that run through Sawyer about four or five times a month will be cancelled as well. Duray said it is also likely that Air Force One would not bring another president to town. President George W. Bush visited Marquette in 2004, and President Barack Obama stopped in Marquette in 2011.

      The closure process will take four weeks and begin on April 7, according to the FAA.

      You can view a complete list of FAA closures here.