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      Facelift for Lakeshore Boulevard?

      A $58,000 grant sparked the idea of renovating a half-mile stretch of shoreline in Marquette. The plans include changing the positioning of rocks along the road and moving the road farther away from the shoreline. City officials say every year money is spent to fix road damage caused by erosion.

      "I believe it was two years ago we put sixty or eighty thousand dollars into repairing the street. We have times when the street is closed because of the wintertime waves coming over, creating an ice situation and safety situation, which also deteriorates the road," said Dennis Stachewicz, Director of Planning and Development for the City of Marquette.

      At a forum in Marquette Wednesday night, some community members argued against moving Lakeshore's road.

      "Several options, unfortunately all those options seem to include moving the road back and not to leave it where it is. I think that should be a very liable option. We should leave it right where it is; maybe we would have to raise it up, but it's perfectly good right where it is," said Marquette resident Joe Buys.

      "We enjoy being able to ride from one end to the other. I do not think that we should be going in on a cove or anywhere more inland, which is what we have proposed here," said Marquette resident Tom Roy.

      The five different renovation proposals will cost anywhere from $1.8 to over $12 million. The projects would also recapture public space, open up access to the water and the view.

      The current plans aren't set in stone. Officials say public input will be a deciding factor on whether any changes are made.