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      Facelift on the way for the Delft

      A $1.6 million project to develop and restore the former Delft Theatre in Marquette was announced at Monday's City Commission meeting. The plans outline a new dinner theatre and includes rooftop seating. Developers Tom Vear and Robert Martin of the Delft LLC Group purchased the building in 2012.

      Mona Lang, of the Marquette Downtown Development Authority, spoke alongside Vear and explained the benefits of the plan, including more than 20 new jobs.

      "It's an important part of downtown. I think it's really an exciting opportunity for the city to get the marquee back and find shape and for the reuse of a theatre," said Marquette Mayor Robert Niemi. "The marquee is such a significant item. The nostalgia; it's just an exciting project."

      The commission approved the application for a federal grant that would help pay for part of the restoration of the faÃade. No word yet on when the project would begin or be completed.