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      Fair drawing people for over a century

      It has been a staple for 111 years in Florence, Wisconsin. Yet again the Florence County Fair managed to draw a number of people. Rain did slow things early on in the weekend, but there was a strong finish Sunday with plenty of people out enjoying the end of the weekend. Sunday was the final day for the fair and some activities that were supposed to run earlier in the weekend were made up today.

      "The fair really is a celebration of the community. It's a way for us to showcase the agricultural and natural resources of the county and that's really how it started and what the fair is all about," said Jessica Klumpp, Manager of the Florence County Fair.

      A lot of activities were set up for the children today including face painting, a look at where food comes from, and plenty of games. The big draw Sunday afternoon though involved the pedal tractor pull, where children would pedal a tractor for as far as they could before the tractor became to tough to pedal.