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      Fair trade market benefits artisans around the globe

      Messiah Lutheran Church in Marquette held a fair trade market event this weekend to benefit artisans around the world.

      Patrons were able to buy a large assortment of items that are all handcrafted from various countries. T he makers of the items receive little, if any, income in their native countries.

      Messiah Lutheran Church and Lutheran World Relief work to sell their products in the fair trade market. All proceeds from the fair go directly to the makers of the items.

      "It goes right back to the artisans, the woodworkers, the carvers, the beaders for the jewelry, the weavers, and it will all just go back to them so they can sustain their families and invest in their communities," said Betsy Jessup, co-founder of the market.

      Tables were full of jewelry, clothes, coffee, soup, and even Christmas decorations. Since it began almost three years ago, the event is held four times per year.