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      Fairgoers lunch with Governor Snyder

      Governor Rick Snyder was the special guest at the U.P. State Fair in Escanaba Thursday. The day started with the governor presenting a local veteran with the U.P. Veteran of the Year Award.

      Then it was off to the Governor's Luncheon.

      â??There's too much fighting, bickering, and blame,â?? said Governor Rick Snyder. â??My philosophy is relentless positive action. I don't blame anyone for anything. I don't take credit for anything. You hired me to solve problems and to be relentless, solving one problem after another, just using common sense."

      Some of that common sense the governor imparted was the need for the public sector and the private sector to come together.

      â??Weâ??ve got the greatest political system, but our culture's broken for the public sector too often,â?? Snyder said.

      He also emphasized placing more value on skilled trades.

      â??Part of it is getting parents and young people to understand how great these professions are. In many cases, they may be working on information 40 to 50 years old. You still find the occasional person that when you say engineer, they think you're still running a locomotive," Snyder said.

      One question on many people's minds was the governorâ??s thoughts on Obamacare. The governor said it was a misfire that ended up in an inappropriate direction.

      Still, there was appreciation shown for government, specifically from many of the veterans who were there for their special day.

      â??Just keep up the good work and take care of the veterans because we did fight for our nation," explains Rene Lippens, Vice President for the Veteran of the Year Program.

      Governor Snyder will be keeping up that work and making a stop in Marquette Friday morning.