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      Fake blood, real lesson

      Students at Marquette Senior High School got an up-close look of what the consequences of drinking and driving are.

      On Thursday morning hospital staff at Marquette General Hospital performed an emergency procedure on a student who volunteered to get all bloodied up to simulate the aftermath of a drunk driving crash. Freshmen students looked on silently as emergency crews and hospital personnel worked on the fake injuries.

      Hospital staff members say while the blood may be fake, the lesson is very real.

      "By providing this kind of education we're hoping that when the time comes, they will make that decision that they need to make to stay safe," said Paramedic Gary Gustafson.

      "They were in shock," said Luke Schwemin. "I mean, when they all left they were all pretty quiet. It's pretty gory stuff so, they were shocked."

      The fake procedure is part of a weeklong lesson plan raising awareness of drunk and impaired driving ahead of prom this weekend.