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      Fake crash teaches real life lesson to NMU cadets

      It was only a test, but police cadets responded to a staged car-bus accident in Marquette Friday.

      The training exercise gave 23 cadets from the Northern Michigan University Regional Police Academy a hands-on experience in an emergency situation. After receiving the call about the accident, the cadets responded to help volunteer victims with various fake injuries. Some victims were even combative, and one had a fake gun.

      The exercise was the conclusion of a week of EMS training, and some cadets say it was chaotic, but educational.

      "We had a couple people in there that had no pulse, not breathing, so obviously we had to take care of them first, and then we had multiple people...I mean, we had one child with an eyeball hanging out," said Cadet Scene Leader Christopher Kieliszewski. "It was a big mess."

      Many experienced professionals were on scene to assist. The cadets graduate later this month.