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      Fall Fest brings hundreds to Sawyer

      Hundreds of people flooded into Sawyer Saturday for the second annual Fall Fest.

      This year's theme was "Achieving Healthy Lifestyles." The event is organized by many partners working together. The Cave Fitness Center was packed with 53 community-based agencies offering information on healthy foods, exercise, and even resources like therapy dogs. The event also featured several demonstrations including martial arts, zumba, and a musical performance by the Four Thunders. There was something for all ages and for all levels of a healthy lifestyle.

      "Having a healthy person increases having a healthy family which increases having a healthy community. We live longer. We live stronger. We make differences with our lives and with other lives, and you become successful. It's a way to become a successful community," said Heidi Schneiderhan, Activities Coordinator.

      The annual event takes place each September, which is National Recovery Month.