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      Fall foliage right on schedule

      Sunday marked the first official day of fall, and with chillier days beginning, we can expect to see the leaves starting to change color. In Iron Mountain, the views from the Pine Mountain Ski Jump were breathtaking though showing still relatively green trees. Upon closer examination, however, one could see the beginning stages of fall foliage.

      In town, more and more trees are changing appearances, and people all over the U.P., including tourists, are looking forward to the fall splendor. ??We??ve seen more actually in this area than we actually did up in at Copper Harbor; it wasn't quite ready,?? said northeast Ohio tourist, Kathleen Flynn. ??But my husband says it's getting cool in northeast Ohio, so I??ll see a change when I go home.??

      It may still be a few weeks until we see the majority of the trees in the area change color, but it's safe to say the fall season is officially upon us.