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      Families are reminded about the dangers of underage drinking and drugs

      "My family got torn apart. It tore me apart from my family. Losing my brother really changed how we live everyday life. We think about him everyday. It's just, it's been a really big struggle for us to all get through it," said Nicole Lincoln, Senior at Superior Central School.

      Nicole Lincoln lost her stepbrother only nine months ago to a drug overdose.

      He was only 23 years old.

      "My step-mom, which he was her son, she put all her effort into helping him, trying to get him through it. But it was just too much of a struggle and he overdosed August 22nd, 2013."

      Nicole says she was at today's presentation to stress the dangers of drugs and alcohol, and the effects it can have on families.

      Mary Jo Torongo, Coordinator for the Alger County Communities That Care Organization, said Nicole's story is unfortunately all to common.

      And that's why she decided to host a town hall meeting at Superior Central School, to get the word out to students and their families.

      "Our youth are some of our best parts of us. And it's something that we all invest in daily. And it's looking to continue to give them more tools, more things to be ready for what they need to know as they make future decisions and choices," said Torongo.

      A panel of five individuals came to the presentation to answer questions and discuss the topic of drugs and alcohol.

      A representative came from the Michigan State Police, Alger County Juvenile Justice, Mother's Against Drunk Driving, Addiction Medicine Specialist, and Great Lakes Recovery Centers.

      "It's better to think alive than to drink and drive. And not to be drinking and ruin your relationships and your grades. You could fail, you could really fail and you wouldn't do good,' said Betty Jo Swajanen, Sixth Grader at Superior Central School.

      Nicole says her family is still struggling from the tragic loss of her step-brother.

      She says it tore her family apart for a little while.

      But now, they're trying to heal.

      "We just move forward. Actually, this is a very good opportunity for me because our motto is if we can help one person, we're happy," she said.

      Members of the audience at tonight's presenation said it all had a huge impact.

      Communities That Care said they plan to have more presentations like this one in the future.