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      Families attend National Night Out

      The Ishpeming Township Fire Hall was packed with people Tuesday afternoon for the annual National Night Out.

      Families waited in line with their kids to hop a ride on a fire truck, and at another station, kids learned how to use a fire hose. But that was just the beginning of all the fun at National Night Out.

      "It's great because you get to see who your neighbors are and see who lives around, and the kids get to play. Do all the fun stuff that they offer," said Tonya Allen.

      National Night Out is an opportunity for the community to get together and meet the men and women that are part of their local rescue and law enforcement agencies. Several agencies were present including the Michigan State Police, National Guard, Marquette Sheriffs Department and Ishpeming Township Fire.

      "Usually we're pretty busy handling a lot of calls. It's a good opportunity for kids and law enforcement to get one-on-one," said Errol Lukkarinen.

      Kids tour a National Guard tank, learn about the tools used in investigations, and the behind the scenes of how things work inside an ambulance.

      "They just help people get cut out of cars to, like, save people's lives, and it's really cool," said Lily Delongchamp.

      Officials agree this is an educational experience for kids. It's a way for them to learn how they operate.

      "I think the biggest thing is that they get to understand that they don't need to be afraid of the police or firemen. A lot of times when we're dressed in all of our gear and air packs on, it can be frightening," said Claudia Johnson, Ishpeming Township Fire Department.

      They also had hot dogs for dinner and a bounce house for kids to enjoy.